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I’ve been deliberating for a while where to host all my code snippets, and, in a broader sense, all-things-programming I want quick access to. I’ve been using GitHubGist for a while now, which is fast and easy. The problem, though, is that it’s a very limited code-snippet hosting service, and doesn’t give you a good way to explain things, like you would in StackOverflow, with markdown and whatnot. Then I stumbled upon GitHubPages and Jekyll, and I will not look back. Well, at least not untill the proverbial they come up with something better.

And I must tell the story of why I wanted to make the jump from Gist to this. I’m often active on SO, answering questions and stuff. One question I keep answering and people keep asking (other than the never ending NullReferenceException question) is how to pass data between two Forms or Windows. And after I saw the same question for the umpteenth time, I had enough. So the next post is going to be a detailed answer to that which I can simply point to hereafter.

So… let’s get started.